Quality Control

How we assure to offer high quality and reliable battery to you.

  • Grade A , top brand battery cell, our battery cell mainly use, Rept, MtMarion, CATL, Farasis battery cell. High quality and performance. Long cycle life around 5000-6000 times.

  • 100% inspection for battery cells. before ship to us, the will select and inspect the cells with similar performance, voltage difference can't over 10mV, internal resistance can't over 2mΩ. Ensure battery cell consistancy. Before producing, we will test voltage and internal resistance again. Capacity difference can not over 1%.


  • We have 20 engineers, our enineer will prepare Product Drawing before manufacturer.


  •  Raw material inspection, Battery box appearance, size, material, craft etc. Epoxy plate have cut by specialized auto machine. Professional BMS Protection PCB partner, high quality and stable performance.

  • Assemble processing, raw material have battery cell, Epoxy Plate, BMS+Relay or Protection PCB, Electronic Wire, Battery Box(Main use Steel box), Interface, Nickel Sheet etc.

  • Our assemble staff have rich experience for training and assemble processing. Producing lines also pasted assembly requirement Notes.


  • Performance test, we have specilized battery performance battery and PCB tester. Test the battery performance and if have interference.


  • Aging Test. Charging and Discharging test, test battery pack parameters, whether have heating, overload capacity ability etc.


  • Clean and packing, we will keep the battery inside and outside packing clean. Packing mainly use wooden box, keep safe for logistic.